About Free Domain Whois

The Free Domain Whois Query Tool is a simple service provided for free use, as part of a growing set of services provided by Host Like Toast.

It’s yours to use for free and as often as you need. [There are built-in measures to prevent abuse of the system, so better not to waste your time if that's your intent]

Who is Host Like Toast?

We’re a growing service provider of Managed WordPress Hosting and other custom web services.

We can help you migrate your site to WordPress and begin to manage it for a small monthly fee. Check out all our web hosting services and products here.

Other products and service by Host Like Toast

We’re developing an ever-growing a set of WordPress administration and management tools under the “Freemium” model for WordPress site administrators. If you have more than one WordPress site to manage, you might want to check out our WordPress Control System aka WP Toast.